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My name is Israel Brewster. I work as a PC support tech for a regional airline during the day, and spend my free time writing software and woodworking when I feel like it. At the moment, I have two pieces of software on the market: the EZPunch Suite of time clock products, and Lyrics Presenter.

EZPunch is a simple-to-use time clock/time tracking solution for individuals or small businesses. It focuses on providing ease-of-use and affordability, while not sacrificing functionality. While EZPunch may not have all the bells and whistles of many comercial time accounting packages, it is made available at a fraction of the cost and will fill the needs of any business or individual who just needs to answer the question "how long have my employes worked?" EZPunch is available in two versions: Standard and Client/Server. The difference is that Standard is a single stand-alone time clock solution, where EZPunch Server can be used across a network, or around the world!

Lyrics Presenter is a tool to display iTunes Lyrics in an easy-to-follow, full-screen format. It was designed for use in a small home church, where music is provided by iTunes and it is desirable to have the lyrics displayed for people to follow along with. Once the lyrics are entered into iTunes, Lyrics Presenter will display them in your choice of font, style, and size, automatically scaling up to fill the available space.

I'm always looking for new software development ideas, so if you have any, or if you just have feedback on anything I have already done, feel free to drop me a line using the contact form. If you purchase any of my software from the Mac App Store, PLEASE leave feedback. Have fun, and God bless!

Israel Brewster 2011-2016