EZPunch Client/Server

EZPunch Server Main Window

EZPunch Client/Server is a network based implementation of the EZPunch Standard time clock. Unlike the standard edition, Client/Server is designed to be used across multiple computers on a network, or even across the web using the built-in web server, allowing clocking in and out from wherever you have an internet connection. EZPunch Client server consists of four components:

1) Server - $75 from the Mac App Store. EZPunch Server is the "core" component, needed for all the others to function. It collects the punches as they are recorded in one central location, and offers a web server to allow recording punches from any web browser. EZPunch Server is the central controll from which you can set up users, run reports, and edit recorded punches. An unlimited number of users may be set up, groups created, and reports generated for punches entered or hours worked.

2) Manager - $15 from the Mac App Store. With EZPunch manager, you can perform most of the administrative functions that you would normally perform with the server software, but from a remote computer. Manager allows you to generate punch reports, and edit punches, users, and groups, all from a remote computer

3) Client - $1 from the mac app store. EZPunch Client is the primary interface (asside from the web) for clocking in and out. Client allows you to place EZPunch on any number of remote computers, providing an easy-to-use interface for clocking in and out, with all punches being recorded on the server software. EZPunch Client offers an "offline" mode for recording punches when away from the home network, such as when traveling with a laptop, where punches are saved locally and synced back to the server next time it is able to connect. Under normal usage, EZPunch Client connects directly back to EZPunch Server to record punches.

When put together, the EZPunch Server Suite of time clock products provides an inexpensive, easy-to-use time tracking solution for any situation from the small, local office to the world traveler who needs to record his times back at the central office.

Server Client Manager

Features include:

  • All the features ofStandard, except for dashboard widget
  • Easy setup with server auto-discovery
  • Centralized recording and reporting of all punches
  • Server to client messaging.
  • Location settings in client
  • Built-in web server for remote punching from any machine with access to a web browser*

*requires proper network/firewall setup to allow outside access.

Source code available on Sourceforge.net

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