In addition to my regular full time job, in my free time I develop software. Below you will find a listing of the various programs I have written and made available. All titles are availaible from the Mac App Store. My development work is primarily Apple Macintosh based, although I do use the Qt toolkit, which is inherently cross-platform compatilbe. As such, while it is not supported, my software can be made available on the Windows platform as well.

EZPunch Standard

EZPunch Main Window

EZPunch Standard is a stand alone Time Clock application for the individual or small business. This version of EZPunch runs on a single computer, recording the in and out times for any number of individuals. An optional dashboard widget or menu widget make clocking in and out a snap, or launch the program to set your options, generate reports, and more!

EZPunch Client/Server

EZPunch Server Main Window

EZPunch Client/Server is a network based Time Clock/ Punch Clock solution. Unlike EZPunch standard edition, Client/Server is designed to be used on multiple computers on a network, or even across the web using the built-in web server. Clients can be installed on any machine that can reach the server, allowing your users to clock in and out from their desk or remote locations, with all punches being recorded on the central server.

Lyrics Presenter

Lyrics Presenter Main Screen

Lyrics Presenter is a simple tool to display your iTunes song lyrics in a highly readable, group sing along friendly format. Lyrics Presenter will display your lyrics in a Full-screen or user-resizable window, with your choice of fonts and colors. Lyrics are split by paragraph, displaying just the current section of the song, scaled to fill the window. If you put timing information into your iTunes lyrics, Lyrics Presenter will even turn the pages for you!

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