Of Stiff Heads and Beds

For those of you who are interested, our latest woodworking project to be completed is a bed Headboard (see what I did there? Stiff Head- HeadBoard? No? Oh well :-P) The picture above is of the complete headboard in our living room. Here’s one of it installed.

I think it worked out well. The top is a 1” plank of myrtle wood, while the body is made of hemlock. Gives it a nice grain pattern. Our next project is going to be a bed platform with drawers so we can store stuff under the bed. We could buy one, but for a decent one with enough drawers we are looking at at least $500+shipping from walmart, probably more like $800- we figure we can do somewhat better than that. We’ll see.

Next on our list: A coffee table. Perhaps followed by an armoire, unless we can find one we like that would be sturdy enough to hold tools. Lots of fun! :)

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