Snow Birds

Snow Birds

It snowed the other day. The Redpols didn't seem to mind though - they just happily dug fallen seeds out of the snow!

Otto, Man!

IMG 3579

Well, Rebecca and I just completed another woodworking project, this one involving a bit of upholstery - an ottoman. Check it out!

Winter in Alaska

Ah, winter in Alaska. The snow gently covering the ground in a blanket of white, the frost in the air coating the trees in a glittering display of crystals, the ice on the …. windows???? This is what happens when you heat your house with wood heat and keep the curtains closed most of the time. Ooops.

Christmas in February

Ok, so these are a little late, but I've been busy the last few months. In any event, better late than never. Enojoy!

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